Vurberk Castle

Vurberk Castle is a charming castle located in the heart of the southern part of Slovenske gorice (Slovenian Hills). With its rich history and architecture, it delights visitors with everything it offers. The castle stands atop a hill, surrounded by green forests and offering a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.



The history of the castle dates back several centuries to the times of the Middle Ages. The dragon in the coat of arms of its first known owner, Amelrik Holenburški, originates from 1204 when Amelrik pledged the castle to Swiker Humperški. Over the centuries, the castle has undergone numerous renovations and expansions, adding exceptional beauty and grandeur to it.



Today, visitors to Vurberk Castle can explore its beautiful rooms, art collections, and preserved architectural elements. The interior of the castle offers a glimpse into the past, with precious frescoes, stuccoed ceilings, and furniture from various periods. The gardens surrounding the castle are adorned with blooming flowers, carefully arranged paths, and lovely water elements, creating a fairytale atmosphere.



In addition to touring the castle, visitors can enjoy various cultural events taking place in its surroundings. Vurberk Castle is a true gem of Slovenia, captivating visitors with its history, beauty, and unique ambiance. Whether you are a history lover, art enthusiast, or simply seeking a peaceful environment for relaxation, this magical castle will impress you and leave a lasting impression.


from Wikipedia