Vodole, a magical village in Slovenia, is a destination near Maribor that will enchant every visitor. It is located next to a beautiful mountain lake surrounded by crystal clear water and green forests, creating a fairy-tale environment for relaxation and connection with nature.



Vodole is known for its exceptional natural heritage. Visitors can explore beautiful walking paths winding through the forests and along the lake. The natural reserve in the vicinity offers a wealth of plant and animal species, providing an unforgettable experience for nature and photography enthusiasts.



In addition to its natural beauty, Vodole is a popular destination for water sports. Visitors can dive into the lake and enjoy swimming, paddleboarding, sailing, or fishing. Adrenaline lovers can also try sports climbing in the nearby mountains or embark on cycling routes leading through the surrounding landscape. It is precisely in this area that the longest and only two-way zipline in Styria is hidden, representing the flight of bees from a beehive.



Don’t miss the unique cuisine and local specialties. Vodole is also home to the Maribor Wine Tourist Road, where farmers and vineyard owners offer top-quality wines and homemade dishes, providing an authentic culinary experience.



With its pristine nature, sports opportunities, and culinary offer, Vodole is the perfect destination for an escape from everyday bustle.


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