Not far from Duplek, discover the town of Ptuj, which bears the title of the oldest town in Slovenia and is a true treasure trove of cultural heritage.



The central part of the town is adorned with cobbled streets, colorful houses, and beautiful squares. During a historical walk through the old streets (don’t miss Prešernova Street), you will come across numerous landmarks, such as the imposing Ptuj Castle that rises above the town, the Dominican Monastery with its rich architecture, and the Cathedral, exuding its sacred beauty, as well as many cafés and restaurants.



Ptuj is also known for its traditional events, with the most prominent being the oldest carnival in Slovenia – Kurentovanje. During this spectacular event, the town comes alive with traditional carnival masks, colorful processions, and a rich cultural program. Visitors have the opportunity to join in this unique experience and get to know the rich folk heritage.



For nature lovers, we recommend visiting the artificial Ptuj Lake, where you can take a walk or cycle around it, and along the way, you can refresh yourself at the Ranc Bar. You can experience true water refreshment and wellness relaxation at Termah Ptuj and Wellness center Primus.



In the vicinity of Ptuj, one of the most important wine regions in Slovenia can be found, so it is not surprising that Ptuj is also known for its excellent wines. Visitors can explore the vine-covered hills, participate in wine tastings, or enjoy a break in pleasant wine cellars, where they can taste top-quality wines and local culinary specialties.


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