The municipality of Duplek is located in the eastern part of Slovenia, near the city of Maribor. This area is known for its fertile land and viticulture, which have left a significant mark on the traditions and lives of its inhabitants.



The center of the municipality is actually the town of Duplek, which preserves the charm of a small rural settlement. Old, beautiful houses, and narrow streets take you back in time when rural life was even simpler, while also offering modern services and conveniences that satisfy the needs of its residents.



Nature plays an important role in Duplek and its surroundings. Green forests, rich vineyards, and picturesque meadows invite you to take walks and hiking trips, providing a pleasant environment for recreation and relaxation.



In addition to its natural beauty, Duplek also hides cultural heritage that you can explore in various museums and galleries. Tradition and history are closely intertwined with modern living, making Duplek a unique and interesting destination for visitors.



Treat yourself to a vacation in this wonderful Slovenian place and experience the magic of Duplek!